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Explore the National Maritime Museum and St. Mary’s Cathedral

Glimpse into the time of colonial Galle at the National Maritime Museum. Situated within the Dutch Galle Fort along Queen’s Street, the museum is one of the main tourist attraction places in Galle and is not hard to find; its signature yellow walls, which have been an inspiration in the design of The Fortress Resort & Spa, can be seen from quite a distance away.

The building of the museum is an artefact in itself as it belongs to the latter part of the 17th century and was first used as a warehouse by the Dutch. Today, the museum is filled with an eclectic collection of artefacts relating to ancient maritime trade, seafaring and fishing. It also has a rather curious display of life-size dioramas demonstrating the conventional methods of fishing as well as a ‘walk into the sea’ diorama which shows deep sea fish, natural coral beds and seagrass beds.

Five minutes away from the National Maritime Museum is a Baroque Revival masterpiece, the St. Mary’s Cathedral. Founded by Jesuit priests in the latter part of the 19th Century, the cathedral is a landmark of a building with an impressive interior and exterior.