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Two awards within a month?

Two of our team members participated at the Annual Ceylon Tea Masters Cup and the Bar Champs. Both competitions became an opportunity for Anjalika Rathnayaka and Sithum Ponnamperuma to showcase their amazing cocktail creations. Anjalika who was a first-time participant in a cocktail competition brought home the 1st runner up in the Bar Champs championship and Sithum grabbed the winner’s title in the Ceylon Tea Masters Cup. What an achievement! They both are true stars and very valuable team members of The Fortress. During your next visit don’t forget to ask one of them to prepare the cocktail that helped them win the award. They will be more than happy to make it for you.

Anjalika presented the Queen Muraya (Absolute Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Amaretto, Elder Flower, Syrup, Fresh Pineapple Juice, and Curry Leaf)

Sithum presented the Fire Tea Cocktail (Vodka, Amaretto, Cointreau, Cinnamon Tea, Apple Juice)