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Toast your perfect moment with our new signature cocktails

Classics redefined, the new cocktail menu at The Fortress is just what it sounds like; a selection of beautifully balanced and delectable cocktails with a botanical twist. These locally inspired and innovative libations include Tea Flower, Fortress Martini and the Koggala Breeze.

Whether its funky, savory, sweet or spicy we are sure to make you go “wow” with our new selection of concoctions this season! Our bar team strives to achieve that perfect balance of local ingredients, homemade syrups, seasonal fruit and herbs in our exotic array of cocktails showcased.

Signature twists with vodka infused cocktails and a botanical combination, together with an invigorating wine menu so that you can even relish upon a tantalizing sunset cocktail or enjoy a fine wine. Which ever you prefer. The ideal way to unwind and socialize with like-minded travellers as dusk fall, amidst an elegant setting encompassed by the turquoise blue ocean.

The Fortress Resort & Spa encompasses a soothing ambiance during sun down! Setting the mood for you to ease your way through the evening with a tantalizing cocktail in your hand and the mesmerizing views of the sunset by our pool deck. Whether it be by the lounge or overlooking the ocean, this is the place to be if you want to loosen up after a tiring day, letting the soothing tunes set your mood to chill out.

Because it’s wine o’clock somewhere right?