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Saturday Sea Food Buffet at The Fortress – A Decadent Treat for the Connoisseur

Every Saturday, The Fortress Resort & Spa brings you a decadent spread consisting of every imaginable seafood delicacy; from yellow fin tuna, sear, red mullet, snappers, prawns, shoe lobster, calamari, mackerel to fresh oysters.

Starting things off, salad station comprises of a copious blend of single & compound salads. While seafood is the order of the day, one can indulge in Japanese treats such as sushi, sashimi, maki and nigiri as well as fresh oysters. Carbs are mainly in the form of bread, rice and pasta and Sri Lankan, Chinese and Italian selections throw in a plenty of variety to the mix.

To top things of the deserts section offers around 20 types of pure sweetness in the forms a chocolate fountain, fresh fruits, home-made ice cream and much more.

For those who desire to sustain the momentum, Sunday Surf & Turf is up for lunch at the Salty Supper, to take you along a tantalising gastronomic journey with prime cuts & seafood on the grill. Sushi, sashimi, maki add to the variety with a range of choice desserts sweetening things up.

Executive Chef Asanka Wickramasinghe, the main man behind this utmost feast, is an award winning culinary artist with local & international experience to boast of. Under Asanka’s able guidance, the Fortress team excelled at the recently concluded Culinary Art Food Expo 2017 as follows.