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Fancy a cuppa at our T-Lounge?

A warm cup of Ceylon tea has become more of a staple beverage enjoyed by many locals as dusk looms. Join us at the T-Lounge, in its verandah-like open spaces to enjoy a cup of Ceylon’s finest tea, choosing from a premium range of 30 of Dilmah’s flavours, all whilst overlooking a spectacular sea and garden view!

Indulge in our Gold medal winning, High Tea Menu and experience a Luxury Boutique tea experience and a tea tasting session with Dilmah’s single region premium teas. Our selection includes many specialties such as ‘white tip tea,’ which is said to fight infection and strengthen the immune system.

Within our central preparation area, guests can also watch and learn all about the tea preparation and the story of Ceylon tea which is an integral part of our county’s ethos.

Join us in the afternoon to enjoy a slice of delicious homemade cheesecake or drop by in the evening, from 6-7pm to indulge in our signature tea-infused cocktails and take advantage of our current promotion of buy one, get one free and much more. Don’t miss out on a chance to try out our signature ice teas and tea punch that will leave your taste buds tantalized with their exotic flavours.

Our night caps have become increasingly popular to both the traveler, and in-house guests accompanied with our slow-flow jazz music which helps end the night on just the right note!