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    Host your next meeting at The Fortress and treat your clients and colleagues to a truly exceptional meeting experience. Wow your guests by holding a unique event surrounded by the distinctive ambience of The Fortress.

    Sit back, clink your glasses and make a toast to celebrate your special day. The sparkling sea, the soft breeze and rustling palms will set the mood for your special event. Enjoy a cocktail as fireworks burst into the starry sky or look on as traditional dancers perform at your very own cultural event.

    In-house guests may gather for a private BBQ on the beach or dance the night away at their private beach party. Whether you're hosting a grand event or a small social gathering, expect the finest enhancements and a pleasant planning process.

    Technical assistance

    We offer audio and video facilities to make sure your event is carried out perfectly. The resort will assist you in setting up and will help you in any way possible to ensure the success of your event.

    We offer:

    • Audio and video facilities
    • Free Wi-Fi internet access
    • Presentation supplies
    • Refreshments on request

    Music and entertainment

    Our in-house pianists, mandolinists and flutists are available to add entertainment to your special event, or if required DJs and private music performances can be requested for in-house guests.

    Welcome amenities

    Guests may visit the resort's gift shop to browse through a selection of welcome amenities and gifts to purchase for their clients. All items available at the gift shop are of high quality and many of them reflect Sri Lanka's bright culture.

    Spouse/Family programs

    Plenty of activities are available to keep spouses and children of all ages entertained at all times. Reliable babysitting services can be also arranged if necessary. For further information, please contact the resort.

    Quick Reference

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    Sinhala, Tamil and English

    220 volts AC. Adapters available

    Gift shop hours: Daily 10:00 am to 07:00 pm

    Monday to Friday

    Galle(Main City) - 20 mins / 16 km
    Habaraduwa(Sub City) - 5 mins / 1 km