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The Galle Fort

Patiently standing watch over the centuries and protecting those who live within its walls, the Galle Fort is one of the most stunning colonial landmarks in the island. While the original structure was built by the Portuguese, it was the Dutch who expanded and improved the fort to its current grand state during the 17th century. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and amongst the foremost places to visit in Galle, this fort and the area encircled by its ramparts provide a unique insight into Sri Lanka’s rich colonial heritage.

Around a 30 minute drive from The Fortress Resort & Spa, the Galle Fort offers many enriching adventures; walk along the historic ramparts above the city and take in magnificent ocean vistas, visit the two ancient gates with their respective coat of arms (British and Dutch) and explore the cobblestone streets within the fort, full of old world charm. Amongst the other highlights in and around the fort are the 17th century Dutch Reformed Church, the Gothic style All Saints Church, the National Maritime Archaeology Museum and the distinctive Galle Lighthouse.