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The Fortress Resort and Spa

Service Culture

At The Fortress Resort & Spa, we have a passion for our work and look to inspire ourselves to always do better, be socially responsible and actively participate in environmental conservation. It is with a deep sense of pride that we continue on our journey while bringing together colonial style luxury and personalized service with a smile.


Our Identity

The identity of The Fortress Resort & Spa is very much linked with the island we call home. We look to provide unmatched service, luxury, and hospitality and ensure a holistic holiday experience. Our ever-growing list of prestigious awards and accolades only serve to highlight a commitment to excellence that drives us forward.


Our Belief

We believe that all our employees are part of one big family, with each person a valuable and vital member of the team. Through a process of collaboration and cooperation, we look to work as one cohesive unit. We value everyone’s opinions and ideas as we work towards a common goal through mutual respect and openness.


Our Success

A clear belief of what we do along with transparent financial planning and corporate accountability have paved the way to where we are today. We look to incorporate long-term goals and continue to share our success with both guests and employees who are integral to our achievements.


Our Focus

Our focus is to ensure that guests experience the very best on their stay with us as well as to treat employees with respect and guide them towards career and personal development. A major part of our business ethos is having a commitment to the environment through sustainable initiatives with meaningful long-term benefits.