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Soothing the senses, the exclusive therapies at our Ayurveda spa in Sri Lanka bring about a sense of complete well-being. We offer signature treatments as well as customised Ayurveda packages, giving you the chance to experience authentic Sri Lankan healing rituals. Utilising all natural herbs and oils, this form of holistic wellness is administered by a specialist ayurvedic doctor who helps you select a package that suits your specific needs and Prakriti (body constitution).

Our onsite Spa Naturel also offers classical spa rituals which incorporate rejuvenating baths, wraps and scrubs, stress relieving massages and revitalising beauty care for both him and her. As part of our treatments, we provide a special complimentary bath as well as reviving water therapies be it at the sauna or by way of a hot steam bath.

Spa Naturel opening hours: 10:00am – 08:00pm
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