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Explore the gem of a town known as Koggala, Sri Lanka. Travel tips by The Fortress Resort & Spa give you an insight into all that this charming coastal hamlet has to offer as well as useful information for travelers.


Where is Koggala?

Nestled within the Galle District in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province, Koggala is approximately 180 km from the Bandaranaike International Airport, which is where your journey begins in the paradise isle. Lying on the edge of a lagoon, Koggala is 139 km away from Colombo, the country’s commercial capital. The Fortress Resort & Spa provides exclusive chauffeur services as well as excursions for guests to travel around Koggala and see its finest sights.


Why Koggala?

Question is, why not! For such a tiny town, Koggala has a wide array of attractions and amusements amongst which the beautiful Koggala Beach stands out as one of the island’s longest beaches. It’s also the birthplace of the celebrated Sri Lankan author Martin Wickramasinghe whose former residence, now converted into a Folk Art Museum, is right across the road from our resort. What’s more, the magnificent Galle Dutch Fort is just about 45 minutes away from the town.


What to Pack for Koggala?

Sri Lanka is a tropical country and that means temperatures can get quite hot and humid, especially in coastal areas like Koggala which has an average annual temperature of 26.7 °C. So, be prepared by packing lots of light cotton clothing, sandals or slippers, a pair of sunglasses and a sunhat or a cap. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen as well as insect/mosquito repellent. And of course, make sure to bring plenty of swimsuits as you can spend many happy days at the gorgeous Koggala Beach.


When Visiting Religious Sites

When visiting religious sites such as Buddhist temples, kovils, mosques and churches in Koggala and anywhere else in Sri Lanka, be sure to be dressed in modest attire and act respectfully. Sri Lanka is a very conservative country and showing signs of affection, especially in places of worship are frowned upon and even considered disrespectful. When entering the site, remember to remove your footwear and hats or caps.