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A personalised service whilst on your stay at The Fortress

Originating from the high-class estates of England and country manors during the 17th and 18th centuries, butlers were used as a bespoke service by the elites to cater to their every whim and fancy. The idea of a modern-day butler can be a bit intimidating yet intriguing and our butlers are here to make you feel comfortable like you are at home. We ensure to take away your stress and worries and make your stay a pleasant and relaxing one.

Exclusively available to our most refined guests, our butler service offers an inconceivable, supreme standard of luxury and service, where your every need is anticipated. At The Fortress, our butlers act as your very own trusted personal assistant during your stay with us. They ensure our guests have a splendid arrival experience and make sure their stay at the hotel is a memorable one.

Preliminary hospitality experience is often an essential and having multi-cultural experience is an important element. We at The Fortress ensure to give you the best and made sure our butlers undergo an intense butler training program by Ms. Pamela Spruce, an internationally renowned trainer for butlers, from the Spruce Consultancy in Australia and a former CEO of the Australian Butler School.

Simply nothing more luxurious than a committed personal assistant whose job is to attend the requirements of our guests. No request is too large or too small for our team, so don’t hesitate to contact your butler.