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National Sanctuaries and Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Blessed with a rich natural heritage, Sri Lanka offers countless outdoor adventures at its national sanctuaries, home to an amazing range of flora and fauna. Be it glimpsing stealthy leopards at Yala, encountering elephant herds roaming wild and free at Udawalawe or spotting a crested hawk eagle circling his terrain above, wildlife safaris at national parks are truly unforgettable.

Apart from such sanctuaries, The Fortress Resort & Spa is also within easy reach of ancient forest reserves such as Kanneliya, Kottawa, Hiyare and Sinharaja. One of the last remaining primary tropical rainforests on the island, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to a stunning array of endemic trees and wildlife, especially bird species. Named as a Biosphere Reserve, this enchanting site offers much to experience while on a Sinharaja rainforest tour; head off along winding paths deep into the forest where babbling brooks whisper secrets from days of old and the sweet songs of birds mingle with the breeze.