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Rumassala Hill

Nestled along Sri Lanka’s south coast, lies an ancient hill that is a rich storehouse of plant life and offers some truly stunning views. Rumassala Hill is one of the most popular Galle attractions and is also linked with ancient folklore; according to a tale in the Ramayana epic, Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God was returning to the island with a chunk of the Himalayas that contained special medicinal herbs. On his journey back a piece of it fell on the area now known as Rumassala. Some claim this to be the reason why one can find medicinal plants in the locale that are quite rare.

A relatively short drive from The Fortress Resort & Spa, Rumassala Hill is bordered by a beach stretch which offers easy access to the nearby reef, ideal for some snorkelling. Those venturing up the forested slopes will find the area rich in biodiversity including being home to animals such as purple-faced leaf monkeys. At the summit, there is a statue of Hanuman as well as a Japanese Peace Pagoda. Best of all are the breathtaking panoramas of the ocean and coastline, especially at sunset.