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The Koggala Lake

Embark on an adventure across one of Sri Lanka’s most scenic lakes. Amongst the key places of interest in Galle, Koggala Lake flows serenely just a few minutes away from The Fortress Resort & Spa inviting all to come enjoy its splendours. A boat safari on its tranquil waters will give you the opportunity to observe local wildlife be it exotic birds, giant water monitors or even some saltwater crocodiles.

Dotted along the lake is a wonderful collection of islands; this includes ‘Cinnamon Island’ where one can witness the manufacturing process of cinnamon, and ‘Madol Doova’ on which the celebrated Sri Lankan author, Martin Wickramasinghe based one of his most acclaimed novels on. After you have explored the many wonders of Koggala Lake, head over to one of the ‘fish spas’ located along the banks where tiny fish will work on giving you a soothing massage.