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Handunugoda Tea Factory

While there’s nothing like the taste of a revitalising cup of tea, there are many varieties each with different stories to tell. At the Handunugoda Tea Factory, you can discover the story behind one such tea type, the world famous Virgin White Tea; this is the rarest type of white tea that’s made according to an ancient ritual in Chinese tea making, completely untouched by humans.

It will take you just 20 minutes to reach the estate from our resort as it’s situated within the nearby town of Ahangama. Attracting tourists and tea connoisseurs from all corners of the globe, the Handunugoda Tea Factory is a living and working museum that features machines over 140 years old. What sets it apart from others is that the estate does not operate on a mass scale and only produces small quantities which make it easier to concentrate on the award winning quality. 75 acres of the 200 acre estate are dedicated to tea and the rest is used for cinnamon, rubber and coconut cultivation.