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Visit Sri Lanka’s best rainforest, Hiyare, Kottawa, Kanneliya and the famous Sinharaja

Nature lovers staying at The Fortress Resort & Spa and wondering what to do in Galle, Sri Lanka can plan excursions to four of the island’s most well known rainforests set amidst towering trees and shaded trails, seemingly lost in time.

Located within easy reach of Galle, the Hiyare Forest Reserve can be found beside a reservoir and is ideal for a trek along leaf-strewn paths or a captivating boat ride. Close to Hiyare is the Kottawa Rainforest and Arboretum which is blessed with a large variety of endemic trees and bird life as well.

More trekking escapades await at the Kanneliya Rainforest along its two main trails; tranquil streams, scenic waterfalls and a range of bird and butterfly species are all part of the fascinating landscape here.

Not to be missed is a chance to explore Sri Lanka’s most famous rainforest, Sinharaja. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a World Biosphere Reserve, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is rich in endemic flora and fauna. On your treks be on the lookout for the Sinharaja Bird Wave, a natural phenomenon where different bird species come together, flying through the forest as one feeding flock.