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The south coast of Sri Lanka is not only blessed with some of the best beaches in the world, but a diverse range of attractions as well. In destinations such as Galle, things to do and places to see abound and The Fortress Resort & Spa is conveniently located near many of them. We also make an ideal base from which to enjoy some of the other well known attractions the region has to offer.

Those who love nature can embark on a voyage in search of the largest animal on the planet, trek through lush rainforests, explore an enchanting coastal hill and take a boat safari along tranquil waters. Intrepid travellers can also visit a massive colonial-era fort, discover the secrets of tea, soak up the serenity at an ancient rock temple and learn more about the island’s rich culture.

Here are quick links to view our travel and attractions e-brochures,

A Day Tour to Kalutota

An uncharted and exciting journey with The Fortress Resort and Spa

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The Galle Fort

An iconic landmark by the sea with a rich colonial heritage

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Blue Whale Watching Hub

An unforgettable adventure in search of majestic blue whales

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Koggala Folk Museum

Connecting with the past at the home of a great writer

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National Sanctuaries and Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Wildlife encounters and journeys to tropical rainforests

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Rumassala Hill

A hill steeped in folklore and set amidst amazing vistas

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The Koggala Lake

A captivating boat ride and visits to secluded islands

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Yatagala Temple

A rock temple with hidden caves seemingly lost in time

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Handunugoda Tea Factory

A unique chance to learn about Sri Lanka’s Virgin White Tea

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