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They are “turtley” coming back!

Sri Lanka offers some of the greatest opportunities on earth to witness the astonishing breeding cycle of many varieties of sea turtles and is renowned for being a vital habitat for them. Our beautiful beaches are reckoned as a favorable breeding spot for these humble creatures, and Koggala being a preferred nesting area of these Sea turtles. It has been observed that five of the seven endangered species come to the shores of the islands beaches to lay their eggs.

The Koggala beach is famed for many attractions, but in particular, it is famous for the turtle season. Our guests are encouraged to be a part of raising awareness on the importance of preservation of sea turtles. Most of the eggs are collected during the turtles’ main laying season, which runs from October through to April. The eggs are collected by our hatchery and then buried in sand, much as they would be on the beach, except that the hatchery ensures that the eggs are protected until they hatch. It takes approximately fifty days for the eggs to hatch and when they have done so, the baby turtles are freed back into the sea.

However its saddening to see the changes in climate have led to the loss of many important nesting beaches. Pollution has also caused disruption to the turtles’ nesting cycle and weakened their immune systems, making them susceptible to an increased number of diseases. The Fortress team has taken matters into their hands to saferguard these endangered species and invites all guests to come be apart of this marvel.

Depending on the time of year, our guests are offered the opportunity of helping to release the baby turtles back into the ocean. Come and join us to help protect these magnificent reptiles.