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The iconic chef’s creation at The Fortress

Sri Lanka has a lot of secrets to be uncovered and Sri Lankan food being one of them. Well known as the island of spice, bursting with succulent flavours and mouth-watering aromas filling the air, Sri Lankan food is unique in its character and plays a vital role in the islanders’ life.

The culinary mastermind behind the delectable range of cuisine served at The Fortress Resort & Spa, with his unique style and culinary innovation is our head Chef Asanka Wickramasinghe, creating a one of a kind gastronomic journey that is sure to leave your taste-buds both delighted and wanting more. Chef Asanka is a proud graduate of the prestigious Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management and is specialized in professional cookery arts. He is the recipient of many awards and accolades. In 2015, he won the Gold Medal at the Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka and was chosen to represent the country at the Bocuse d’Or Asia in 2016.

Showcasing Chef Asanka’s 12 years’ experience, come try out his newest culinary delight; the Three-Way Lagoon Prawn. A tantalizing dish prepared in 3 ways to suit your palate! Augmented with authentic curry sauce, pepper sauce to even Singaporean sauce, this dish is sure to make you salivate for more.

The tastes and aromas of Sri Lankan food is truly a satisfying experience and the unique blend of local spices and coconut milk used in traditional culinary truly sets it apart. So, head over to The Fortress and try out chef Asanka’s culinary masterpieces.