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The colourful Esala Procession

One of the most iconic events that take place in Sri-Lanka is the famed Esala Perahera. Bringing the whole island into a burst of colour, this magical event is held annually during the month of August. The Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha was brought down to Sri Lanka in the 4 th century AD and this was the mark of the beginning of the famed Dalada procession.

Unveiling an array of festivities and pageants in honour of Lord Buddha, the Esala Perahera is indeed the most glamourous parade displaying various traditions and cultural traits of the country. This spectacular procession journeys the city streets in a wave of colours with elephants cloaked in bright garments, bright lights covering the city streets, skilled acrobats, fire dancers, jugglers and much more performing intricate steps to the beat of the drums.

The procession journeys the streets over a period of 10 days and one can witness the immence precincts facing the Temple of the Tooth Rellic in a sequence clamouring with joy, excitement and delight, with a variety of traditional and culturally signifcant dancers embellishing themselves with jiingles and colourful costumes that lend ressonance to this grand procession.

As the grand procession approaches its end, the onlooker ceases that it is the sheer creativity and inspiration of the Buddhists from primitive times to have composed the nations talents in crafts and art including the unique tunes of drumming to the intricate traditional dancing techniques, into a ethnic procession of such greatness and and proffer it to the Sacred Tooth Relic as a form of veneration to Lord Buddha.

Here’s a glimpse of last years procession-