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At the Fortress Resort and Spa, we recognize the impact of our business on the environment and are committed to conducting the resort in a way that ensures environmental sustainability.

Maintaining an ecological balance is vital and taking steps to reduce and ultimately prevent the depletion of natural resources is undoubtedly an important aspect in today’s world. We at the Fortress Resort and Spa strongly believe in adapting and staying up to date with commercial hospitality best practices and trends in relation to conserving the environment.

With the increasing awareness with regard to the preservation of ecological balance, an initiative to keep the coastal shorelines clean as well as steps to use eco-friendly devices in and around the resort have been taken with the collaboration with Green Globe; a global sustainability partner who guides and certifies businesses to take measurements to move towards a sustainable future.

We are proud to be certified as an environmentally sustainable hotel in Sri Lanka, ardently following the principles such as using natural resources sagaciously, promoting energy efficiency in facilities, taking measures to prevent pollution, educating and getting the community involved in our environmental programs.

The Earth is our home and we encourage all to take one small step forwards with us to help make a leap in our future.