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The ancient tradition of stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

A traditional form of fishing known as “Ritipanna” in Sinhalese, famously known as stilt fishing, is practiced mainly along the southern coastal regions of Sri Lanka. This unique form of art is indeed more tough than seen by the naked eye and one must witness this bewildering sight first hand to truly comprehend the intricacies involved.

Most picturesque among traditional fishing methods of Sri Lanka,, historical evidence goes on to show that stilt fishing began right after World War II. These fishermen are perched over a cross bar that is tied to a pole which is anchored into the sand a few metres away from the shore. The fishermen cast their line from this high position and waits anxiously until a fish comes along to be caught. Stilt fishing is a method of fishing unique to the island of Sri Lanka, this primitive and it is a regular sight by the poolside at The Fortress Resort & Spa.

Even though the stilt fishermen make fishing seem enjoyable and easy; stilt fishing requires stability and much skill. These skilled men state that this unique art requires a lot endurance and patience. The primary role being able to strike a balance whilst seated on the thin strip of wooden board. Then the process requires several hours of patience waiting in absolute silence so as not to disturb the fish, making patience a virtue.

Come witness the beautiful sight of these fishermen perched over branched poles as they fish skilfully during dawn, noon and dusk, and is commonly seen along the shores of the Koggala Beach. Why not have a go yourself at this skilful art?