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Be pampered with a glamorous collection of salon services at The Fortress Resort & Spa. Those looking for Galle spa resorts for high-end beauty treatments for hair, skin and nails, will be more than satisfied with Spa Naturel where we strive to bring out the inner prince or princess in you!



  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Make-up
  • Saree draping
  • Hairstyling
  • Waxing
  • Threading


Hair style 30 minutes / Rs.6,000

Hair ironing 40 minutes / Rs.5,000

Make up 60 minutes / Rs.7,000

Hair wash and blow dry 60 minutes / Rs.5,500


Hands and Feet Spa

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment (Book at least 30 minutes prior to treatment)

This rejuvenating hand, nail and cuticle treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation and therapeutic massage. Then your hands will be wrapped in warm paraffin, to make them smooth, soft and vibrant.

  • Normal colour 80 minutes Rs.6,500
  • French colour 90 minutes Rs.6,700

This pampering and softening treatment is perfect for nourishing dry and tired feet. The therapy includes the grooming of cuticles and an intense exfoliation followed by a foot massage. A warm paraffin wrap will soothe and melt the tension collected in your feet.

  • Normal colour80 minutesRs.7,000
  • French colour90 minutesRs.7,200

Treat your hands with cuticle grooming and exfoliation therapy followed by nourishing mask for revitalization. This treatment concludes with a soothing hand massage.

  • Normal colour 60 minutesRs.6,000
  • French colour 75 minutes Rs.6,500

Pamper your tired feet with a therapy for softening of cuticles and exfoliation to remove dead and dry skin followed by a refreshing and uplifting foot mask and massage.

  • Normal colour 75 minutes Rs.6,700
  • French colour 80 minutes Rs.7,000

Includes cuticle grooming and nail polish change.

  • Normal colour30 minutes Rs.4,200
  • French colour 45 minutesRs.4,700

Includes cuticle grooming and nail polish change.

  • Normal colour 45 minutes Rs.5,000
  • French colour60 minutesRs.5,200
  • Normal colour 20 minutes Rs.1,750
  • French colour 25 minutes Rs.2,000
  • Per Nail 5 minutes Rs.500

(30 minutes prior booking required)

Brazilian waxing is not available*

  • Underarm15 minutesRs.2,200
  • Full leg45 minutesRs.6,200
  • Half leg 30 minutesRs.4,200
  • Full arm40 minutesRs.3,700
  • Half arm / bikini 20 minutesRs.2,200
  • Full back45 minutesRs.5,200
  • Half back25 minutesRs.2,700
  • Stomach30 minutesRs.3,700
  • Eyebrows30 minutesRs.1,500
  • Upper Lips20 minutesRs.2,200
  • Full Face45 minutesRs.4,000
  • Face Side20 minutesRs.2,700