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For treatments that are ideal for your well-being, browse through the list of classical spa rituals at our Sri Lanka spa hotel. We guarantee a luxurious and holistic experience perfect for your mind, body and soul.

Classical Spa Rituals

Sun Soother (Book at least 60 minutes prior to treatment)

This treatment soothes your sun kissed skin with hydrating fresh aloe vera gel. Our natural cucumber facial is to heal your face and with a cooling touch. The water lily bath helps to recuperate and cool down after a full day of sunshine. This facial is highly recommended for those holidaying in the tropics.

  • 120 minutes Rs.15,000

Our Relax and Rebalance treatment begins with foot reflexology to restore your body’s natural state of equilibrium by channelling “qi” energy from the reflex points of the feet. This aromatherapy massage will melt away trapped toxins and release tensions of the body followed by the customised facial to pamper your face.

  • 150 minutes Rs.22,500

This is a full body exfoliation therapy that uses nourishing, deodorising and fresh narikela (coconut) followed by a detoxifying mud wrap. This treatment will conclude with a warm stone massage to harness all the healing powers of the body, and warmth of natural, heated stones to release the accumulated tension from muscle tissues.

  • 150 minutes Rs.22,500

Body Scrubs


Experience our Sagara Lavana (sea salt) scrub, which helps gently exfoliate dead, dry cells to leave skin feeling silky soft and renewed.

  • 40 minutes Rs.6,000

Reveal glowing, soft skin with this exfoliating treatment that uses narikela (coconut) mixed with sea salt and a lime body scrub.

  • 45 minutes Rs.7,000

Body Wraps

Kumari (Book at least 60 minutes prior to treatment)

Experience the healing benefits of the cooling and fresh aloe vera wrap which treats sunburns and hydrates your skin.

  • 60 minutes Rs.9,500

Gotukola and mineral-rich mud play a vital role in beauty treatments. This wrap relieves stress and re-mineralizes the skin while improving the tone, refining pores as well as deep cleansing.

  • 60 minutes Rs.9,500

Yoghurt is great for skin hydration. The lactic acid in yoghurt soothes and softens the skin while refining pores and tightening wrinkles. Meepani or honey is renowned for rejuvenating skin and cleaning out pores through its amazing cleansing properties.

  • 60 minutes Rs.9,500



Experience total relaxation as this luxurious massage uses long and flowing movements to achieve maximum calmness and serenity.

  • 60 minutes Rs.11,500
  • 90 minutes Rs.13,500

Choose from our range of essential blends of calming, relaxing or energizing oils. By awakening the sense of smell, as well as touch, this rhythmic massage will enliven or gently lull you into a state of relaxation.

  • 60 minutes Rs.12,000
  • 90 minutes Rs.14,000

A firm, intense massage focused on your specific area of muscular tension. Excellent for athletes and those who get routine body workout.

  • 60 minutes Rs.13,000
  • Every extra 15 minutes Rs.3,000

This is an oil-free massage that combines gentle rocking and deep stretching movements and compression of the spine. This Thai massage helps improve flexibility and stimulates circulation. It is advisable to wear loose clothes for this treatment.

  • 60 minutes Rs.11,500

This is a traditional massage where the therapist works deep into the muscles with thumbs. The combination of acupressure and relaxing strokes has a restoring and calming effect on the body while uplifting the mind.

  • 60 minutes Rs.13,000
  • Every extra 15 minutes Rs.3,000

Experience the amazing drainage and detoxification effects of this treatment. It is beneficial for relieving stress, tension and stiff muscles and poor blood circulation.

  • 60 minutes Rs.13,000
  • Every extra 15 minutes Rs.3,000

Relieve tension with this classical foot treatment, which nourishes the whole body by stimulating the reflex areas of the feet.

  • 30 minutes Rs.7,500
  • 60 minutes Rs.10,000