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Elevate your experience with oustanding service at your fingertips. Our newly redesigned mobile app enables our guests to personalize their stay with us with the sophisticated design and upgraded intuitive navigation system. The new Fortress Resort & Spa app breaks the mould of typical hospitality apps! The new app effectively adjusts to personalize the user’s experience. Regardless of our guests being in their trip planning mode, preparing to travel, in transit or simply just enjoying their stay, The Fortress app will highlight features and content based on which service or requirement the guest is most likely to need at that moment.

The new member rate program adjoined with the Fortress mobile app is designed to connect the traveller with the unique feel of the independent hotel experience through a loyalty program that gives out guests on the go exclusive access to attractive points, rates and significant perks and even the chance to win some exciting gifts!

With the app’s new innovative navigation, our guests will find it easier to personalize their stay with requests via the mobile app. The app can be used by the guests to converse directly to the hotel staff at any point of their travel journey, for special requests that require personal attention such as room cleaning requests to maintenance and wake up calls, early check-ins or late check outs and much more with our app specials.

Express check-ins to keyless entry, The Fortress goes that extra mile to enhance your experience at our resort and we give our guests the option to check-in and access their room with just a tap from your fingertip. The new age of customer service revolutionized and brought to a new level to worldwide travellers, conveying a customized and expectant stay experience.