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Exciting Tours and excursions to witness this paradise isle

This resplendent island secluded amidst turquoise blue oceans and lush greenery has so much hidden beauty to be uncovered, and much to be experienced. The Fortress Resort & Spa is impeccably placed with easy reach to many picturesque locations one must not miss out on. The adventurous travellers staying at our resort can anticipate a range of captivating excursions and tours carefully planned out to tailor your travel needs

Discover this tropical paradise like never before with our 5-day tour around Sri Lanka giving you inspiring insights on the island or take a daring hike through the enchanting tropical rainforests, enjoy a stroll through colonial city of Galle, head off on an exotic wildlife safari and spend time at ancient cultural sites that provide a unique perspective of the island. Enrich your vacation with a carefully planned out itinerary and choose from a variety of exciting tour packages ranging from 10 days to 5 days, to day excursions and more. Quench your thirst for discovery, adventure, inspiration and indulgence while relishing experiences of a lifetime. Begin your journey at The Fortress and capture the essence of this magical island.

Our tours and excursions represent an exciting opportunity to experience and savour the pearl of the Indian Ocean like never before, from its many culinary and cultural wonderments to its rich history and physical marvels. We look forward to adventure with you!