Preserving the Wild Life of Sri Lanka

Sea turtle by the shores of Sri Lanka


From maintaining a clean beach to educating the public about why we should ensure that we protect and strive for a sustainable future, The Fortress Resort and Spa constantly take steps to preserve the surrounding wildlife.

Did you know that The Fortress beach is not only visited by vacationists and nature lovers, but also by a large number of magnificent endangered sea turtles and beautiful tropical marine life? During the hours between 1400 and 1800 guests at our hotel can spot 5 out of the 7 species of these sea turtles; Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, and the Leatherback turtle. Most of them swim around the shores seeking the perfect spot to nest and lay their eggs. Some visit regularly throughout the year to feast on the seagrass that grows among the vast coral reef located in front of our hotel.

During the nesting season, which is from October to April, guests are able to spot at least a dozen of sea turtles in just one day. Luksiri, our turtle ranger scouts the beach daily looking for signs if a sea turtle has laid any eggs. Once he has found a spot he marks the area and seals it off so that the eggs are not disturbed by any predators. As an additional precaution, the Fortress management has also installed CCTV to get live footage of the beach to make sure that the beach is protected so that Sea Turtles feel free and relaxed when visiting the area. If a turtle has laid eggs in an unprotected area, the locals would usually inform the turtle hatchery (supported by The Fortress Resort and Spa) located close to our hotel that is or bring the eggs to us which then we protect those eggs until they are hatched. Some of the guests who stay at The Fortress during the nesting season get the opportunity to experience the release of those hatchlings. The Fortress Resort and Spa also host various Turtle Awareness programs where we not only educate our in-house guests but also the public on wildlife conservation and important sustainable practices.

To learn some great facts about Sea Turtles, click on the link here to open our Sea Turtle e-brochure.

Mahatma Gandhi once quoted, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. To ensure that the future generations to come can experience all of nature that we see and feel today, we should strive to protect our mother earth. Join us in this sustainable movement that we have created during your stay with us at The Fortress Resort and Spa.