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    Waxing & Threading


    (30 min prier banking required)

    Face30 MinutesRs. 3500
    Upper15 MinutesRs. 2000
    Underarm15 MinutesRs. 2000
    Full Leg45 MinutesRs. 6000
    Half Leg30 MinutesRs. 4000
    Full Arm40 MinutesRs. 3500
    Half Arm / Bikini20 MinutesRs. 2000
    Full Back45 MinutesRs. 5000
    Half Back25 MinutesRs. 2500
    Stomach30 MinutesRs. 3500

    Brazilian waiting is not available.


    Eye Brow30 MinutesRs. 1200
    Upper Lips20 MinutesRs. 2000
    Full Face45 MinutesRs. 3000
    Face Side20 MinutesRs. 2500



    Enjoy our Balinese massage (60min) and get a mini facial or foot reflex (30min) free of charge.

    Rs. 12,000

    Enjoy relaxing foot massage (30min) and Oriental head massage (30min)

    Rs. 7,000

    Enjoy free mini facial (30min) when you book a Kaolin and Gotukola body wrap.(60min)

    Rs. 9,000

    Enjoy a free mini facial (30min) when you book one hour Samvahana massage

    Rs. 11,000

    Check your Ayurveda body doshas & get a customized treatment (A selection from Samvahana, Lymphatic massage, powder massage, Slimming massage etc.) to balance your body humors.(110min)
    Thursday special (30min+90min)

    Rs. 13,500

    Enjoy free half an hour foot reflexology when you book a Deep tissue massage.

    Rs. 12,000

    Get 15% discount when you book Thai massage.

    Rs. 9,350

    Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. All above prices are inc