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    Ayurveda Packages

    Customized Ayurveda packages will be formulated considering your body type and imbalances upon your request.

    Meet our in house Ayurveda doctor for a consultation to check your Prakrthi (body constitution).

    One day 30+90 Minutes
    Three day 290 Minutes


    (45 min prior booking required)

    This is a classical treatment in which selected herbal oil is poured, in a continuous stream on the forehead. This is generally done after full body abyanga (rhythmical application of oil). Oil will be selected according to your body type and conditions after the consultation. This treatment is not advised to be done in certain body conditions and weather conditions. This treatment helps in nourishing central nervous system, calm and relaxes mind and body. We suggest a course of three treatments for optimum benefits.

    135 Minutes


    (30 min prior booking required)

    After the consultation, the doctor will check the body dosha state and will decide the oils and herbal ingredients for your particular treatment. The relaxing abyanga massage is to balance body energies followed by detoxifying herbal steam bath. Ayu facial will gently exfoliate and remove dry epidermal cells, moisturizing the skin to produce softer and smoother skin.

    135 Minutes


    (30 min prior booking required)

    After carefully checking your doshas, enjoy the detoxifying abyanga full body massage followed by a relaxing herbal oil head massage. Treatment concludes with herbal steam bed to open pores and sudate yourself enhancing the natural way of body detoxification.

    Note: All prices are quoted in Sri Lankan Rupees and include service charge and tax.